Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eastward?

Eastward is an action adventure game with RPG elements being developed for PC and Mac.

Who’s making it?

Eastward is being developed by Pixpil, a small indie developer based in Shanghai, China.

What’s this game about?

Set in a futuristic world, John, a digger from an underground town leads a mysterious little girl named Sam, through dangerous decaying cities – encountering strange creatures and even stranger people!

When is Eastward coming out?

It’s still in development, no release date has been set.

Is it coming to consoles?

Console support is still unconfirmed, but very possible!

What is Eastward built in?

Eastward is being developed using Pixpil’s in-house game engine based on MOAI. It’s a cross-platform C++/Lua engine.

Can I talk about/post videos about Eastward on YouTube/Twitter?

Yes. Feel free to make videos about Eastward. You have permission to monetize your videos on YouTube featuring Eastward content